Gravity Canterbury



Gravity Canterbury prides itself on hosting quality mountain bike events. Each summer we run a range of Downhill and Enduro events from novice to expert level. We aim to please recreational riders and highly competitive riders alike throughout the race season. If you are unsure of whether an event is going to be suitable for you, email and we can help.



Enduro is a form of MTB race where competitors ride comfortably and socially during the liaison (usually uphill) stages, then race down the timed stages. This form of racing mimics riding with your buddies; cruise up, fly down!

The club runs a handful of enduro races each summer. These events vary in length and difficulty – the first will be the most introductory level, with the races at Craigieburn and Victoria Park being for more experienced and fit riders. Email to find out more about the level and requirements for any specific event.



Downhill mountain biking is a gravity fuelled form of riding/racing, frequently featuring roots and rock gardens, jumps and drops, and steep descending terrain.

Gravity does not have a formal, minimum age limit on riders taking part in our club’s Downhill events, however riders and their families need to be aware that Downhilling is a relatively dangerous sport requiring a reasonable level of riding skill and strength, and appropriate bike and protective gear is required for safe riding.

Gravity wants to ensure that risks are mitigated and managed at all our club events. Young riders and beginners with very little experience can risk their own safety, and can also be a risk to other riders, by potentially crashing and blocking tracks causing subsequent accidents.

Beginners and young riders should contact the club to discuss the most appropriate events for their ability. Ultimately, the Race Director can use his/her discretion in regards to novice riders safely entering a Downhill race.

We suggest that beginners pair up with more experienced Downhill riders, don’t explore unknown tracks alone, and always carry a cell phone with you.


The DH Summer Series is a four-race series running between September and November. The first race of the year is a novice, "Give it a Go" race, and subsequent races increase in difficulty. If there is sufficient interest in a Beginners category at later races, the Race Director and committee can consider adding a category.

The final race in the annual Series is called “Dave’s Race”, named after Dave Balderstone, a very talented young club rider passed away in 2011. The club joins with Dave’s family and ex-employer to remember him each year, riding his favourite track: Tilted Sally.



The club runs morning skill sessions to help beginning and less experienced riders improve their Downhill skills. These are advertised on the upcoming events section of the website and Facebook. Some of our top national and internationally ranked riders coach for these sessions.



Dig days will be announced via the Facebook page and are usually on Saturday morning from 9am-12pm and followed up by a social BBQ.

No experience is required and tools are provided. 

Gravity Canterbury is committed to having a great relationship with Christchurch City Council, and part of that is keeping our mountain bike tracks tidy and running well!

NZ OPEN (Downhill)

This semi-annual race is the club’s top events, attracting the best local, national, and even a few international riders. It’s a great weekend to watch the best riders enjoy our best tracks.

The NZ Open is usually timed to run in the midst of the national MTBNZ Cup series, so that we can ‘catch’ traveling top class riders on their way through north or southwards for nationals’ events.



Shuttle days are run throughout the summer. All levels are welcome, as riders can choose the calibre of track they descend. If riders are new to Downhilling and/or aged under 12 years we strongly recommend that that rider pairs up with a more experienced person for Shuttle Days.

The Shuttle vans leave from the bottom of Bowenvale Avenue and drop off on Summit Road opposite Thomson's Reserve.  Tickets are $25 cash for a day of shuttle runs (maximum 9 runs). These are sold on the day to club members only, and tend to sell out very quickly. Full face helmets are compulsory, and we recommend riders follow the club’s other guidelines for safe protective gear.

There is no professional first aid on shuttle days, no marshals nor on-site radio coverage, and no track markings. Victoria Park is open to walkers, runners and other cyclists on these days so please be courteous to other users. There is volunteer presence at the bottom of Bowenvale all day. You will need to sign a Waiver Statement when you buy a Shuttle Day ticket. Usually a free BBQ is provided at the bottom of Bowenvale around midday.