Gravity Canterbury


events for 2019/20 coming soon! for more information check our facebook events!

2018/19 EVENTS

Port Hills Advanced Enduro

MARCH 3 - Our last enduro of the season!

We will be encompassing a few of the best tracks in Christchurch, not only in Victoria Park.

Race rego will be at the Christchurch Adventure Park, with the finish at St Leonard’s Park in Sumner, so be prepared to either pedal back to your car, or try to organise a car pool back.

Register here

NZ Open:

Return of the gc track.


Following the fires which caused wide spread damage to the Christchurch Adventure Park in early 2017, we have been working hard to resurrect the track. The track was largely destroyed and is being rebuilt at the moment. This means it will be FRESH for the NZ Open, making for some tight racing on a level playing field.

As always, there will be prize money for the fastest times in the Open Men and Women races.

Entry is $40 and includes all the uplifts for the day (i.e. a Christchurch Adventure Park pass does not need to be purchased separately).

Enter and pay online before the day:


This is your chance to give back to your club and back to CCC who allow us to run the events. The trails need maintenance badly. You will be rewarded with a BBQ and the awesome feeling of doing good :-)

Please keep an eye on Facebook for weekly details but the usual scene is meet at the Rangers Station at 9.00am.

Tools provided. BBQ to follow all dig days.

Ride hard and ride well!

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